Project outputs

The project seeks to promote international mobilities of students with hearing loss enrolled in higher education programmes in the partner countries. The international project partnership with different expertise works towards achieving this aim. The project focuses especially on increasing language skills of the students in written English and it promotes the interest of students in studying British Sign Language. The project outputs therefore aim to obtain a better insight into the needs of the target group with regards to the language competences as well as acquire more indepth knowledge of the methodology of language learning and teaching and design of suitable study and teaching materials.

1. Survey and case studie of Deaf EFL learners

​The research, led by experts on foreign language learning at the Department of English Applied Linguistics at Loránd Eötvös University, focuses on the area of ​​language learning and teaching and motivation to study English among Austrian, Czech and Hungarian university students with hearing loss. Based on the research results, recommendations will be made for teachers of English working with the research’s student target group.

2. Deafinitely English resource pack

​The intention of this resource pack is to contribute to the language education of Deaf, deaf and hard of hearing (D/d/hh) students in post-secondary education. In general terms, the materials provide theoretical background for teaching languages ​​to D/d/hh students and their engagement in study stays abroad as well as practical booklets, which focus on the possibilities of teaching reading, writing and developing study skills in D/d/hh learners.

3. Online course of written English

Online English for International Mobilities is an e-learning course for Deaf, deaf and hard of hearing learners and their teachers.

4. Learn advanced British sign language online

This course is designed for competent sign language users who want to acquire knowledge of British Sign Language (BSL)