The library offers services within the range of routine library services (according to Law No. 257/2001 Coll. on Libraries and Terms of Operating Public Library and Information Services; or Library Act) – a standard loan service, which is, however, designed predominantly for the target group, i.e. readers with a health impairment preventing them from using the resources of other libraries.

Access possibilities

Physical loan

  • print catalogue
  • tactile publications, including tactile attachments
  • analogue audio and video documents

Remote access

  • digitalised text resources
  • hybrid documents
  • digital audio and video documents


The loan period (physical loans) and remote access possibilities (digital documents) is gauged by the category of the reader – as seen in the following spreadsheet (see also Operating regulations):

Category of the reader/document On-site loan Short loan Standard loan 3-months loan Long term loan
Internal + 7 days 30 days - +
Internal with spec. needs + 30 days 60 days 90 days +
External + 7 days 30 days - -
External with spec. needs + 30 days 60 days - -