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2. Deafinitely English resource pack

What does the Deafinitely English resource pack contain?

The resource pack comprises six units. 

  • Units 1, 2 and 3 are intended particularly to teachers involved in TEFL to D/d/hh learners. These units discuss the area of international mobilities of D/d/hh university students, particularly in connection to language skills, draw attention to some of the characteristics of TEFL to D/d/hh learners, and provide a Teacher’s Guide to the Booklets for Students.
  • Units 4, 5 and 6 are designed particularly for D/d/hh university students who are planning to study abroad. These booklets should, however, be of benefit to most D/d/hh learners at these proficiency levels, regardless of their engagement in a mobility programme or not, who wish to develop their skills in reading, studying and essay writing. The learners can use the materials on their own or with their teacher.

This resource pack includes the following parts:

Unit 1: EFL for Deaf, deaf and hard of hearing learners and study stays abroad: An overview

The first unit provides an introduction to the area of international mobilities of D/d/dd students. The second part introduces the LangSkills project and the resource pack drawing the reader’s attention to the aims, beliefs and principles that underlie the chosen approach in this set of materials.

Unit 2: Teaching Deaf, deaf and hard of hearing learners in EFL settings

Unit 2 looks at D/d/hh students as EFL learners, focusing on general characteristics of D/d/hh EFL learners, the main communication methods used in TEFL, the adaptation of teaching and learning materials, as well as some principles of culturally-relevant pedagogy. It includes tips and best practices that will be of benefit to teachers of EFL to D/d/hh students, particularly those at the beginning of their career as language teachers to learners with hearing loss.

Unit 3: Teachers’ Guide to the Booklets for Students

This Teachers’ Guide sets the scene for Units 4, 5 and 6 offering further information on D/d/hh EFL learners in connection to reading, writing and the area of study skills. The unit provides direction in how to use the teaching and learning booklets, including a brief introduction to each online booklet, its topics and goals.

Unit 4: Strategies for Reading. Student’s Booklet

The Strategies for Reading booklet comprises a set of online teaching and learning materials produced through collecting good practices, experiences and ideas on methods of teaching reading skills. It brings a series of activities that the learners can use to practise the presented effective reading strategies.

Unit 5: Strategies for Essay Writing. Student’s Booklet

The Strategies for Essay Writing booklet focuses on the possibilities of teaching and practising essay writing with D/d/hh learners. Using plenty of examples, the booklet encourages learners to think about how they can improve their essay writing in English, as well as to learn what the major mistakes are that students make when writing essays, and provides tips on avoiding them.

Unit 6: Developing Study Skills. Student’s Booklet

The Developing Study Skills Booklet aims to help learners approach academic tasks and assignments in a strategic manner, as plenty of learners fail to perform on academic tasks due to inappropriate or ineffective study strategies. This Booklet motivates them to reflect on their own study patterns, and equips them with tips to improve their time-management skills.