Information for newly admitted students

When you find out you have been admitted, immediately contact our Student Office so that we can discuss what to do next. Our support is provided by Studies section staff on the one hand and on the other by staff in charge of services for students with a specific disability.

Teiresias centre student counsellors according to faculty

  • Faculty of Education: Mgr. Ondřej Pelech, Mgr. Markéta Oplatková Plocková
  • Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine: Mgr. Ondřej Pelech
  • Faculty of Informatics, Faculty of Economics and Administration, and Faculty of Sports Studies: Mgr. Lukáš Másilko
  • Faculty of Law: Mgr. Eva Hulíková
  • Faculty of Arts: Mgr. Tomáš Varga
  • Faculty of Social Studies, Faculty od Pharmacy: Mgr. Ilja Rajdová 

Teiresias centre student counsellors according to the type of disability

  • Students with physical disabilities: Ing. Bc. Karel Sobol, Mgr. Miroslav Zítko
  • Students with specific learning difficulties: Mgr. Iva Oulehlová
  • Students with psychological disorders or a chronic somatic disease: Mgr. Iva Oulehlová or Mgr. Miroslav Zítko

Enrolment in studies

If you have been accepted for study at one of Masaryk University faculties, you need to confirm your interest in studying there by enrolment in studies. You will obtain information about the date by post. At the occasion of enrolment, you will receive basic information on the study, passwords needed for accessing the MU Information System, PC rooms, etc. You will also be enrolled in the first semester of your studies. 


At the occasion of the enrolment, you will also be photographed. The photographs will be published on your personal page in the MU Information System for the information of those wishing to contact you, and on your International Student Identity Card, which you will be using throughout the course of your studies to prove your affiliation to the university and eligibility for student discounts, to enter university buildings and facilities, to pay in the cafeterias and halls of residence, etc.

Personal or Interpretation Assistance with Enrolment

We recommend to new students, especially those with hearing, visual, or physical impairments, to make use of the following services for the occasion of enrolment and subsequent photographing:

  • guiding assistance (by a personal assistant) – if it is difficult for you to quickly get your bearings in a new environment
  • interpretation (Czech Sign Language) or visualization (signed Czech or visualization of articulation) to ensure your full understanding of the communication taking place on the spot.

Getting acquainted with the university before the beginning of the first semester

The Teiresias Centre offers newly admitted students with hearing impairments an entrance training, which takes place regularly before the start of the autumn term in the first half of September. The staff of the Centre introduce all the important aspects of studying at Masaryk University. For more details on the entrance training, see the text on Students with hearing impairments.

We also offer counselling at the beginning of studies to students with other types of disabilities. We are aware of the many changes in the transition from attending a secondary school to studying at university: do not hesitate to contact our Studies section staff and ask them for a consultation.

For students with severe visual impairment, we provide courses in spatial orientation, which acquaint them with the university environment – the buildings of their respective faculty, the accommodation facilities and catering establishments, and the Teiresias Centre itself. For more details on the spatial orientation training, see the text on Students with visual impairments.