Library registration

Registration conditions vary based on the user’s presumed involvement with the library resources and services.

  1. Anyone (academic and non-academic public) seeking to only utilize the analogue resources can become a member of the library. 

The interested party will fill in a registration form (unless they are registered in another central MU library) and will only show an ID (in case of MU students, also an ISIC card) – the registration procedure is fully in accordance with the MU Library Regulations.

  1. The digital resources in the library, and the services connected to it (digitization, adjustments to electronic documents etc.), may only be used by those readers whose health impairment prohibits them from working with standard documents (persons with visual impairment or with impairment of fine motor skills).

The registration is completed when the interested party brings forward (in person or by correspondence) documents proving their relevant health impairment and an original of personally confirmed declaration (download here in MS Word format), in which they promise to treat the documents in accordance with the law.

Please do not request registration and digital resources access, if you do not hold legal claim to it (see above).