Summer Schools

Two runs of International Summer Schools for students with hearing loss and teachers of English are an integral part of the LangSkills project. Both runs take place in Bristol, UK, and are provided by the partner organisation Deaf Studies Trust, which has a wealth of experience in organizing summer schools. For most deaf and hard-of-hearing students the study of the English language remains bound to school or university premises. Thanks to the summer schools we hope to extend the learning outside the classroom and show students possibilities for adopting different ways of acquiring and practising a foreign language.The one-week summer school is intended as a mini experience of EU mobility, during which students meet and communicate with local hearing people as well as Deaf people from different cultural backgrounds and study and live together as a small community. The International Summer Schools act like a discussion forum as well as an opportunity to talk about the topic of mobilities and the language situation in partner countries.

Simultaneously with the Summer School for students, there is a Summer School for Teachers of English who work with students with hearing loss. The Teacher of English Summer Schools are meant to prepare hearing teachers who may not be users of their ‘native’ sign language and who may have limited access to deaf community deaf culture and deaf approaches to learning. The main drive of these summer schools is sharing and exchange of examples of good practices.


Summer schools

Summer School for students

7th to 13th of July 2019 
Bristol, UK
About the Summer School 2019
Focus of the Summer School 2019
Recruiting now video

Teachers of English Summer School 

8th to 12th of July 2019 
Bristol, UK
Outline of the Teachers of English Summer School

Summer Schools 2020 

28th June to 4th July 2020 (Update: Cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic)
Bristol, UK
Summer School 2020 programme – Students (upcoming)
Summer School 2020 programme – Teachers of English (upcoming)