Library resources

The resources of the University Library for Students with Special Needs:

  • serve as a resource of specialized literature mainly for visually impaired Czech university students
  • the form respects the working approaches of the visually impaired (work with screen readers, tactile formats etc.)
  • the topics offered cover predominantly requirements posed to MU students
  • they fill the gap in the range of electronic and tactile textbooks offered to secondary school students with specific needs, it also partially covers the needs of primary schools

Formats on offer


  • ordinary print (ink print)
  • tactile text print-out
  • tactile graphic
  • video recordings in VHS format
  • audio recordings on tapes


  • text documents in formats editable using MS Office or PDF with text layer
  • images in standard image file formats (JPG, PNG, PDF without text layer etc.)
  • video recordings on discs or online
  • audio recordings on discs or online
  • hybrid documents (hybrid books)

Thematic composition of the resources

  • specialized monographs
  • university textbooks
  • language textbooks
  • secondary school textbooks (primary school textbooks, on rare occasions)
  • fiction in Czech and other languages (English, German, French, Latin, Ancient Greek)

Target group

  • visually impaired students of Masaryk University
  • MU students with other types of impairment – e.g. impairment of fine motor skills – which also makes work with standard documents problematic
  • students of other universities (and secondary and primary schools) with these impairments
  • non-academic public with above described impairments


  1. Passive – based on a request from a teacher or a student
  2. Active – ongoing digitization and adjustments to documents acquired based on the long-term collaboration with our partners.