Studies section

Services of the Studies section of the Teiresias Centre at MU are primarily intended for students with special needs and their teachers.The staff of the section can also be contacted by those who have not been granted their special needs status and who need advice about their current or future studies or who apply for one of the services.

Responsibilities of the Studies section
Student counsellors
Pedagogical-psychological counsellors

Responsibilities of the Studies section

1. Organisation of studies at MU

Regular study

  • study counselling for students with sensory, physical, learning disabilities, psychological difficulties and chronic illnesses 
  • creation of an individual study plan
  • dealing with unexpected study situations related to temporary or permanent health issues, etc.
  • organizational assistance in negotiations with lecturers and staff of the individual faculties' study departments 
  • organisation of individual tuition or exam dates, including priority enrolment in seminar groups and exams
  • adapting exams into accessible form (individual working environment, assignments in an accessible format, extended testing time, etc.)
  • initiating study or personal assistance if needed

Lifelong learning

  • organisation of lifelong learning courses for students with special needs, especially students with visual impairments
  • ensuring accessibility of the lifelong learning courses organised by other MU units

2. Organisation of study abroad

  • initial consultation at the Teiresias Centre, possibly with the help of colleagues from the Centre for International Cooperation
  • assistance with identifying universities that offer appropriate services for particular requirements of each student, initial consultations with representatives of the selected schools 
  • help to apply for additional Erasmus+ funding to cover the special needs related extra costs
  • help with organising personal assistance abroad if needed

3. Organisation of the admission procedure

  • initial consultation regarding the choice of a suitable study programme
  • compiling functional diagnostics, which is the basis for modifying the form of the entrance examination (e.g. by providing the assignment in sign language, in tactile form, using assistive technologies, extended time, etc.)
  • organisation of preparatory courses for the Learning Potential Test
  • organisation of the admission procedure for applicants with special needs

4. Assessment of specific learning difficulties

  • for MU applicants and MU students
  • an adult assessment set (called DysTest) is used
  • we organise and conduct individual consultations and training in study strategies, or in the use of related assistive technologies, etc.

5. Educational-psychological counselling

  • psychological counselling
  • organisation and provision of follow-up psychotherapy sessions 
  • consultations on study strategies and time management

Student counsellors

(faculties primarily assigned to each counsellor are given in the brackets)

Pedagogical-psychologigal counsellors

Mgr. Andrea Lázničková – responsibilities and contact details
Mgr. Tereza Netolická – responsibilities and contact details
Mgr. Ester Detáryová – responsibilities and contact details



Mgr. Hynek Latta – responsibilities and contact details