Sport activities

General Information

The Teiresias Centre offers physical education classes for students of Masaryk University with sensory and motor disabilities. Besides courses of physical education that run regularly or are taught in all-day classes, the University Sport Centre at the Faculty of Sports Studies also offers summer and winter training courses.

Students with sensory and motor disabilities may also enroll in courses organized by the Teiresias Centre. The content and structure of the lessons is different from the courses at FSpS; sometimes special methods are employed to make the lesson suitable for students with disabilities.

Physical education courses offered at the Teiresiás Centre:

  • Climbing and bouldering for visually and hearing impaired
  • Swimming for students with physical disabilities
  • Dance for visually impaired students
  • Tandem bicycle for visually impaired students
  • Blind Football
  • Floorball for the hearing impaired
  • Summer and winter training courses for students with disabilities (mountain hiking, cycling, climbing, canoeing, handbiking)