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4. Learn Advanced British Sign Language Online

This course is designed for competent sign language users who want to acquire knowledge of British Sign Language (BSL). Although there are numerous BSL online courses, they are typically addressed to course participants who express themselves verbally. This course meets the needs of deaf BSL learners. It includes instructions in International Sign and suitable teaching approaches.

The course was created by The Deaf Studies Trust, UK and Masaryk University, Czech Republic.

About the course

The course is available on a Moodle learning platform. Here is some practical information.

How to create your account in Moodle

  • Open the registration page of the Open Moodle: https://openmoodle.phil.muni.cz/login/signup.php.
  • Fill in the registration form.
  • A verification e-mail should arrive in your mailbox.
  • Open your e-mail to confirm your registration (just click the link in the mail).
  • Open the starting page of the course and log in the system with your new username and password.
  • You are ready to enroll in the course.

Watch this video:

Use this course as a student

  • Open the starting page of the course and find the “Enroll yourself in the course” section.
  • If you want to take this course without a tutor, type the password Lang.Skills
  • If a tutor is going to guide you through the course, he/she will provide you with a password. Type it in the same place.
  • Now you are in the course and you can start.

Watch this video:

Use the course as a tutor

  • If you want to use our BSL online course and tutor it for a group of students, please create your account in Moodle (see above) and contact us at langskills@teiresias.muni.cz. We will register you as a teacher in the course and provide you with more information on the practical use of the course.
  • We will create your own group in Moodle including a unique password. Your students will be assigned directly into your group if they use the password when enrolling in the course. You will see the activities, submissions and gradebooks of the students assigned in your group only. This information is not shared with other tutors. 
  • Further questions you may have:
    • Can I add or remove materials from the course? No, unfortunately you can’t change the course. But you can modify it by sending the students your own materials or by skipping any task. You don’t need to follow the sequence of the units and tasks; you may decide to follow a different order.
    • Where can I see my students’ results? Go to Course administration > Reports > Activity completion. You will see the names of your students and the list of tasks. The completed tasks are ticked off. Those who didn’t achieve the pass grade receive a red cross. If there is no mark at all, it means the student hasn’t completed the task. You can also check the students’ performance in individual tasks by choosing the task and clicking on Attempts. You’ll see your students listed and their scores. If you click on the score, you’ll be able to see where they made the mistakes.

Visit the course as a guest

  • If you are interested in seeing just the basic content of the course, you can enter it with a guest access.
  • To do so, you do not need to create your account in Moodle (see above).
  • Open the starting page of the course, find the “Guest access” section and type this password: Lang.Skills
  • Please note that guest access does not allow you to submit assignments.

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