Incoming Students with Special Needs

The primary task of the Teiresias Centre (Support Centre for Students with Special Needs) is to provide maximum accessibility in all accredited degree programmes at Masaryk University to all persons with special needs.

If you are considering studying at Masaryk University and have a disability and/or special needs, please make sure you contact our staff at as soon as possible. It is vital to establish the ground early in the application/nomination process so as to minimise the possibility of barriers that might prevent you from conducting your studies to their fullest potential..

In order to ensure smooth preparations for your arrival we strongly advise you to contact us at the time of your nomination. Please consider that adaptations might require a considerable amount of time to arrange.

To find out more about what we can do for you, please visit Our services website.

General information and opportunities for studying at Masaryk University are available at Centre for International Cooperation (CIC) – students, staff.

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