The Information system

It is absolutely essential that you learn to work with the Personal Administration of the Masaryk University Information System. It encompasses all the administration of your studies:

  • registration and enrollment in courses (more in Study requirements for each semester),
  • timetable for lectures and seminars (more info in Class timetable),
  • registering for examinations, colloquia and credit (more in Examinations, CreditTests, and Colloquia),
  • email correspondence with teachers and the Teiresias Centre (students are obliged to read the messages in the personal inbox),
  • grades received in individual courses (more in Examinations, CreditTests, and Colloquia),
  • applications for accommodation, financial support for accommodation (more in Accommodation, meals, Internet) etc.

Information resources

Here you can find

  1. instructions for beginners (Czech only) – easily comprehensible basic information for using the Information System,
  2. the IS help – detailed information concerning individual IS functions and applications.