Our services

For a quick orientation we offer a basic overview of services and measures guaranteed by the Teiresias Centre in relation to students (and employees) of Masaryk University with disabilities and their teachers. In case of interest and capacity these services are offered to academic and non-academic public outside Masaryk University. Services that students and academic employees of Masaryk University are automatically entitled to have in relation to their student/employee status are not listed here.

Services for MU students with disabilities

Study guidance, interpreting and speech-to-text service, service at university library, technical service and personal assistence.


Services for MU academic staff without disabilities

Organizational, technical and technological support, conversion of study material to a format accessible to students with dissabilities, possibility to arrange individual tuition.


Services for academic and non-academic public outside of MU

Didactic help and information service.


Services for academic and non-academic institutions

Adaptation of study material (digital as well as tactile), production of tactile orientation signs, production of tactile orientation maps.