Your options in case you are not accepted

Do not be deterred by the fact that the result of your entrance exam was not sufficient and the dean of the faculty you applied to did not accept you to study. We recommend filing an appeal for review of acceptance/denial decision concerning your admission to study (pdf form, in Czech only). Contact the Students Office to request help with filing the appeal.

The appeal is submitted to the authority that issued the decision – i.e. the Dean of the respective faculty – no later than 30 days upon its receipt. The appeal is reviewed by the Dean of the faculty, who can grant the appeal and change the admission decision; otherwise, the appeal is passed on to the Rector (from the article Admission appeals at the MU website, in which you will find more information about the appeals process).

The same article includes the schedule of the appeals process, so that you can learn when you can expect the information about your appeal being accepted or denied.