Vacuum-formed graphics


Special plastic foil formed in heated conditions.

Special technology

Thermoform – a machine which facilitates the heating of a foil laid upon a matrix, and the siphoning off of air from its other side by vacuum pump. 

Preparation of source materials

  • Relief matrix made of a material resistant to the temperature of the thermoform.
  • May be prepared by hand or printed out via 3-D printer – it is limited in height (maximum of ca. 2.5 cm) and in size (A3).

The production process

  • Preparation of a relevant matrix with respect to the principles of tactile graphics.
  • Printing the matrix upon a foil – in the heated thermoform, the foil will be placed upon the matrix, and subjected to very high temperature, subsequently the air between the matrix and the foil is siphoned off – this accomplishes strong adhesion of the foil to the matrix.


  • the possibility of creating multi-layered graphics, and higher relief in general
  • the resultant graphic is very distinctive and pleasant in concern to perception; based on the weight of the foil used it is also quite durable
  • relatively low cost of the operation of the thermoform (low cost of foil)
  • the graphics are easy to be maintained in good condition


  • relatively high cost of the thermoform
  • matrix preparation is demanding time and technology-wise
  • based on materials used, the matrix may deteriorate
  • archiving of matrices is difficult