Welcome to the Teiresias Centre

The Support Centre for Students with Special Needs provides services for all students of Masaryk University with sensory and other disabilities. Its mission is to guarantee accessibility of all study programmes at Masaryk University.

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The Teiresias Centre (the official name is the Support Centre for Students with Special Needs) has been an office of the Rectorate at Masaryk University since the year 2000. The Centre's primary task is to provide maximum accessibility to all accredited degree programmes at the University for the visually impaired, the deaf and hearing impaired, people with limited or restricted mobility and people with other types of disabilities.
In the University's organizational structure, the Centre is one of the offices at the Rectorate to be concerned with student issues, along with the Office for Studies and Office for Student Welfare.
The Centre also coordinates the life-long education programme for the blind. This programme's objective is to allow the blind, regardless of age or social status, to enhance their education in accredited subjects.