Information for newly admitted students

Once you know that you have been admitted, please contact our Studies Section to discuss the next steps..

Basic contact details

Student counsellors by faculties
Assessment of specific learning difficulties 
Assistance, barrier-free accommodation

How do you apply for special needs? For more information, visit What are special needs?.

Enrolment for studies

If you have been admitted to one of the faculties of Masaryk University, you must confirm your intention to study at Masaryk University by enrolling.

Some faculties offer online enrolment. The faculty's study department will provide you with all information on this type of enrolment. 


The photography session takes place at the same time as the enrolment. The resulting photo is then displayed in the Masaryk University Information System for the information of those who want to deal with you. You will also need it for your ISIC (International Student Identity Card), which will serve as a proof of your affiliation with the university, entitling you to discounts, access to university facilities, payment in the canteens, dormitories, etc. More information can be found here.

Personal or interpreter assistance with enrolment

New students, especially those with autism spectrum disorder, visual and mobility impairments as well as deaf and hard of hearing students, are encouraged to use the following services to attend their enrolment and photo session:

  • a companion (a personal assistant) if they find it difficult to find their way around a new environment quickly without help,
  • a Czech sign language interpreter or speech-to-text reporter to ensure full understanding of the communication on site.


Students with special needs can request priority accommodation or accommodation in a wheelchair accessible room. Visit Accommodation for more information.

Spatial orientation

We provide spatial orientation courses for students with severe visual impairment. Their aim is to familiarize them with the university environment: the faculty buildings where they will study, the accommodation and catering facilities or, last but not least, the Teiresias Centre, which they will also visit. For more information about the spatial orientation courses, please visit the Students with visual impairments page. Similarly, we also offer help with orientation in new environments to students with autism spectrum disorder. For more information, please contact the student counsellor for your faculty.

Getting acquainted with the university before the start of the first semester

TWe offer an information session to newly admitted students, which is usually held in early September, prior to the start of classes. The Centre's staff will inform the participants about all the essentials of studying at Masaryk University. You will learn how the study is organized, get acquainted with its basic rules, the Information System and also get an overview of the services offered to students by the Teiresias Centre.

If you are unable to attend the information session, we offer you guidance at the beginning of your studies. We are aware that studying at university is quite different compared to high school, so please do not hesitate to contact the Studies Section for advice.