Our services are primarily intended for students and teachers:

  • who are deaf and hard of hearing,
  • with visual loss,
  • with mobility impairment,
  • with specific learning difficulties,
  • with psychological difficulties,
  • with autistic spectrum disorder,
  • with chronic diseases, 
  • without disabilities, if they provide education to students with disabilities.

We offer

Organisational service and study counselling

  • study counselling,
  • organizational modifications of studies (individual study plans provision, organisation of individual tuition or examination dates),
  • organizational assistance in communicating with teachers and study office staff at faculties
Provided by the staff of the Studies Section
Related details: visit Studies Section.
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Technical service

  • provision of special computer technology (hardware and software) and assistive technologies for teaching
  • loans of technical equipment to the student or to the department that provides the teaching
  • consultations and methodological guidance and training in working with assistive technologies
  • study rooms for students with specific needs
Provided by the staff of the Special Informatics Section.
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Interpreting and speech-to-text reporting services

  • The primary aim of these services is to provide two-way communication with deaf and hard of hearing students within their study activities at MU, i.e.: 
  • interpreting into/from Czech sign language,
  • speech-to-text reporting. The report can be simultaneously distributed for a larger audience through the Polygraf technology.
Provided by the staff of the Visual Communication Section or the Sign Language Interpreting and Transcription Dispatching Centre.
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Library services (digitisation)

  • In particular, the preparation of learning materials in an accessible format (accessible electronic text, video version in sign language, tactile document printed in Braille including tactile graphics, hybrid documents, etc.).
  • Other library services provided by the University Library for students with special needs.
Provided by the staff of the Library and Publishing Section.
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Personal assistance and spatial orientation training

  • Personal assistant services are provided mainly for students with mobility impairment and, in justified cases, also for students with other types of disabilities, such as assistance in sports activities for students with visual impairment, etc.
  • Training of spatial orientation for visually impaired individuals - an intensive course before the beginning of the studies and continuous regular lessons, depending on the students’ needs.
Provided mainly by the staff of the Physical Accessibility Section.
Related details: in the chapters Personal assistance and Independent movement and
spatial orientation
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Assessment of specific learning difficulties and learning strategies training

  • A set of assessment tests for adults (DysTest) is used.
Provided by in-house psychologists.
Related details: see Studies Section.
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