Students with visual impairments

The Teiresias Centre provides a wide range of services related to orientation in both physical and virtual space, accessibility of visual information (texts, symbols, graphics), and instruction to Masaryk University students with visual impairments who qualify as persons with special requirements (according to the Rector’s Directive on Ensuring Accessibility to Masaryk University for Persons with Disabilities).


The spatial orientation training and accompanying services for MU students is organized in the following way:

  • Initial intensive training at the beginning of studies:
    • Normally 2 weeks before the start of the first semester
    • Getting acquainted with new places: halls of residence, the Teiresias Centre, the main buildings of the student’s faculty and university (student office, cafeterias, all the relevant classrooms), the public transport network, and intercity transport connections (if needed)
  • Regular instruction:
    • Getting acquainted with new classrooms at the beginning of each semester
    • Orientation skills development (if needed)
  • Assistance:
    • Guiding assistance is provided to students with visual impairments for one-off instructional and cultural activities organizedby the university (matriculation ceremony, graduation ceremony, practical training, etc.)
    • With regard to safety precautions and suitable feedback, it is a standard procedure to provide assistance to students with visual impairments in their sports activities.
If you are interested in the services described above, please contact our spatial orientation instructors (Jitka Graclíková, DiS., Mgr. Petr Červenka).


If a student’s disability precludes them from attending regular classes, the Teiresias Centre arranges relevant instructional adjustments. The form of adjustment can differ based on different types of classes and disabilities. The final adjustment is always a joint decision of the teacher of the subject in question (or the guarantor of the field), a representative of the Teiresias Centre Student Office, and the student. For more information click here.


Students whose sensory disability precludes them from using standard study materials provided by instructors or accessible via standard information and library services are eligible to services provided the Library and Publishing Section of the Teiresias Centre. The primary services provided are the following:

  • digitalization
  • printing in braille
  • production of tactile graphics
All relevant details are available at the Library and Publishing Section webpage in the section Library Services. Should you have any questions, please contact the Library and Publishing Section staff.


Apart from the services listed above services of the Special ICT Section are available to students with visual impairments. The primary services offered are the following:

  • providing apt technologies facilitating instruction accessibility (special IT – both hardware and software)
  • methodological instruction in the form of one-to-one tuition or occasional consultations
  • loans of technological equipment (screen readers, braille displays etc.)
If you are interested in any of these services, please contact the Special ICT Section staff.