The library catalogue is a publicly accessible application in the WWW environment – to view it, you do not need any authorization. However, electronic publications that are made accessible by this environment are only available to registered readers of the Teiresias Centre Library.

1. Standard interface of the Aleph system

  • Available at (English version here).
  • The Teiresias Centre library catalogue is part of the Masaryk University catalogue (for all MU libraries). The cataloguing tool is the library system Aleph. The Teiresias Centre catalogue currently comprises over 5,000 titles, mostly electronic and tactile publications.

2. Daleth – Library gateway for visually impaired

  • Available at
  • The browser is adjusted to the needs of users with visual impairments; it enables to check easily the availability of the requested publication in the catalogues of the libraries involved and, in the case of electronic resources, to gain access to them after an authorization procedure.

Both environments offer electronic documents in the same manner, that is, after displaying the given entry details. Authorization is not required until the user attempts to download the given e-document.


Apart from the standard cataloguing data (title, author, publisher, and publication year, place and edition), entries of electronic, tactile, or hybrid publications include:

  • information on the original of the adaptation
  • in the case of electronic publications also technical information (format, encoding, method of adapting the graphics, etc.)
  • a hypertext link to the publication itself (if the link is missing or it contains the text “priprava” [preparation], the publication has yet to be adapted to be accessible to visually impaired readers, and is only available upon request).