Services for MU academic staff without disabilities

Organizational, technical and technological provision for classes attended by a disabled student

To teachers who have in their class a disabled student requiring special approach, we offer:

  1. organization service:
    • providing suitable site for classes, 
    • organization of the course of the classes(distribution of lessons into a longer time frame etc.), 
    • organizing individual examination dates etc.
  2. technical and technological support:
    • providing technology which enables the disabled student to follow the lesson and complete the tasks required (special IT, adjustable furniture etc.),
    • providing (or development) of  technological solutions which will enable the student to manage the lessons in their presumed extent – offering alternate solutions when a sensory or mobility impairment precludes using the usual methods
If you request help with organization please contact the Students’ Office.
If you request technical or technological support (or consultation on the matter) please contact the Special IT Section.

Conversion of study materials to a format accessible to students with disabilities

Teachers whose student is impaired in a way that prohibits following the standard materials (e.g. a visually impaired student, a hearing impaired student, a student with impaired fine motor skills of hands) can request an adaptation of their materials to a format relevant to the particular impairment.
As each adaptation is a very time-demanding process, please be timely in your requests.

If needed, please contact the employees of the Library and Publishing Section.

Assistance in classes, or the possibility to arrange individual tuition (in terms of date, space and economy)

The Teiresias Centre has its own teaching rooms, which are available to teachers with individual approach to disabled students (the classroom schedule can be viewed here – with login it is possible to make one-time reservations; regular reservations are only made by the schedule-makers of the Centre at the beginning of semester). If time spent in individual classes exceeds the regular office hours, financial compensation for the classes is possible.  

If needed please contact the director of the Students’ Office.

Interpreting/speech-to-text service

This is a service primarily aimed at providing bilateral communication with the hearing impaired in their study activities at MU (teaching, consultations, examinations etc.) in forms such as:

  • interpreting into/from Czech Sign Language, 
  • mouthingservice,
  • speech-to-text reporting in Czech, or simultaneous distribution of the report to a wider audience (using the Polygraf technology).
Services are performed mainly by internal Czech Sign Language interpreters, or speech-to-text reporters, and only when arranged with the employees in charge at the Teiresias Centre.

Courses related to teaching students with various types of impairments

  • Communication course for teaching the visually impaired
  • Communication course for teaching the hearing impaired
  • Digitalisation course