Services for academic and non-academic public outside of MU

Study guidance and assorted services

  • help with choosing your study programme
  • help organizing and accomplishing administrative tasks connected to the admission procedure
  • lifelong learning courses (IT, languages)
  • conversion of nation-wide tests into relevant formats (Scio tests etc.)

Technical service

  • help choosing among assistive technologies
  • methodical tuition in Special IT courses
  • short-term loans of technical equipmentfor the givendisability

Didactic help and information service

  1. for teachers of disabled students:
    • fundamentals of communication with disabled students
    • methodological help in teaching potentially problematic classes (e.g. mathematics for the blind)
  2. for students:
    • methodological help in managing technically challenging classes (e.g. mathematics for the blind), incl. providing relevant technical equipment (e.g. special editors for mathematics for the blind)
    • enabling access to study materials in relevant formats (electronic resources, hybrid books, tactile texts); details here
    • preparatory courses for MU entrance examinations; details here