Health Physical Education for students with visual impairments

The main content of the course is exercises aimed at improving the function of the musculoskeletal system, both with corrective and preventive impact. These include exercises aimed at correct posture, eliminating muscle imbalances, increasing the range of joint mobility, improving the function of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, but also exercises aimed at eliminating spinal pain, etc. The effect on the central nervous system and the psyche in terms of overall regeneration and relaxation of the organism is also significant.

Teaching usually takes place in several phases. First, an initial movement and functional diagnosis of the students is made, then the students are introduced to the basic principles of health exercises. This is followed by training in the correct stereotype of movement, the correct stereotype of breathing, as well as coordination and balance exercises and exercises with aids. According to the needs of the students, individual exercise sets are created.

Classes are mostly held in the Small Gym of FSpS MU Pod hradem in the centre of Brno, or in the Movement Gym of FSpS MU on the University Campus in Brno-Bohunice. Other practitioners may assist during the lessons as needed. Classes can be held both without equipment and with basic health and gymnastic equipment, e.g. large balls, overballs, weighted elastic bands, balance platforms, etc.