Dance for students with visual impairments

Dance classes for the blind serve to expand practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge in the field of rhythm, movement and motor coordination. They are intended to lead to laying the foundations of dance and rhythmics or to improve already acquired skills.

Students have the opportunity to get acquainted with different dance styles during the course of the lessons. These include classical dance (more commonly known as ballet), expressive dance, contemporary dance, ballroom dance, country dance, Irish dance and tap dance. The focus of the lessons depends on the nature of the individual dance styles, but the basis always consists of correct posture, rhythm, step training, etc. Space is also given to movement improvisation and movement expression of one's own feelings.

In addition to the instructor, a sufficient number of assistants is provided, and the dance lessons are usually taught in pairs. However, this does not mean that students do not have the opportunity to form pairs with each other, on the contrary, this is also part of the teaching. Classes are usually held in the Small Gym Pod hradem in the centre of Brno, or in the Movement Gym FSpS MU on the University campus in Brno-Bohunice.