Showdown for students with visual impairments

Showdown (applied table tennis for the visually impaired) is a game for two or four players (singles or doubles) trying to score a goal in the opponent's goal (goal hole). It is played with modified bats and an audible ball on a rectangular table that has borders and a central divider. Below the board there is a gap through which the ball must pass into the opponent's half – at the end of this gap is the goal hole.

In the introductory lesson, students are introduced to the playing area, the sports equipment and the rules of the game. Subsequently, partial game skills are practiced, e.g. correct bat grip, hitting the ball, etc. Space is also devoted to the tactics of the game in both singles and doubles. A larger part of the teaching is the actual game.

The lessons take place in the basement room of the Large Gym of FSpS MU on Vinařská Street in Brno-Pisárky, usually once a week for 90 minutes. Sports equipment (opaque goggles, bat, ball) is lent to students, but it is preferable to have your own, as well as a protective glove for the hand holding the bat.

The rules of the game are available here.