Self-defence for specific groups

The course is designed for students with different disabilities, but only one group is intended for each semester. The course was launched in 2014 with a course for students with visual impairments.

In the course, the students practice their own active prevention strategies, i.e. active reaction and defence against different types of attacks. The basics of fall techniques are also practiced, which are also injury prevention in collision situations. Psychological and communication skills are also taught to help students cope with stressful situations. The class concludes with model situations in which students can practice the skills they have learned in semi-realistic situation.

The lessons are taught by self-defence lecturers from FSpS MU. As the teaching is contact-based and requires pair training, students of Special Education of Security Forces and Applied Sports Education of Security Forces of the Faculty of Sports Studies MU are also actively involved. The training takes place in the Úpolová gym of the FSpS MU at the University campus in Brno-Bohunice.