Floorball on electric wheelchairs

Floorball on electric wheelchairs (often called Powerchair Hockey) is a relatively young sport discipline, whose history in the Czech Republic dates back to 2002. It is the only team action sport that is played on an electric wheelchair, thus allowing players with more severe disabilities to participate in the highest possible degree of safety. The sporting activity is oriented more towards the technical skills of individual players and teamwork than physical performance, but the social impact of this collective dispute is also not negligible.

Lessons focus not only on the development of individual technical skills on the electric wheelchair and individual technique when playing with the T-stick or H-stick, but also on the development of team play and tactics. The attractiveness of electric wheelchair floorball is mainly due to the possibility of dynamic team play.

The lessons are held in cooperation with Emil's Sports z.s. Students must have their own electric wheelchair or their own floorball stick for the lessons.