Floorball for students with hearing impairment

Floorball is a simple, dynamic, non-contact team sport that is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the Czech Republic and the world. Its popularity is growing not only among men but also among women. Its popularity is also due to its considerable spectator appeal, where not only the tactics of the whole team are valued, but also the technical skills of individual players.

The training is focused not only on the development of general movement skills (strength, speed, endurance), but also on the development of special game skills (stick handling, ball management, pass processing, shooting) as well as the development of team tactics. The attractiveness of floorball for the deaf is mainly due to the possibility of dynamic team play in a group of players with the same communication preferences. These are applied both in the theoretical explanation itself, in the commented practical training, and in the game in the form of visual signals between the coach and the players, as well as between the players themselves. Matches are also part of the training.

Classes are usually held in the autumn semester in the gyms of FSpS MU in the University campus in Brno-Bohunice. Students must have their own floorball stick and suitable sports indoor shoes for lessons.