Alternative physical activities and games

The course is intended for a wider group of students, the actual teaching is always modified according to the specific composition of the group and the needs of individual students. This means that the content varies when students with physical, visual or hearing impairments participate.

The basic content framework consists of psychomotor games, basic juggling, dramatic movement games, movement activities aimed at developing rhythm, movement coordination and spatial orientation. Numerous elements of dance, yoga, health and relaxation exercises are also used.

Teaching is conducted under the guidance of lecturers from the FSpS MU, but also under the guidance of guest lecturers from partner faculties (e.g. Department of Applied Movement Activities, FTK Olomouc; Deaf Educational Drama Studio, JAMU Brno). Students from FSpS and PedF MU are also involved in the teaching. Teaching usually takes place in the gyms of FSpS in the University campus in Brno-Bohunice, in a block form, usually 4 times a semester, in the range of 2-4 hours per block.

During the lessons, not only common gymnastic equipment such as large balls, bosu, but also juggling equipment (balls, plates, cones, hoops, scarves) and other non-traditional aids (parachutes, cups, PET bottles, clothes pegs...) are used.

The course was opened within the project "Development in the field of pedagogical and research activities at the Department of Social Sciences in Sport at FSpS MU", implemented in 2011-2014. This project was funded by the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness.