Telč 22 – Summer School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth Workers

About the project

  • Project of the Teiresias Centre at Masaryk University supported by a European Union grant
  • Programme: Erasmus+ Key Action 1: Learning mobility of individuals | Mobility projects for youth workers
    Project No: 2022-1-CZ01-KA153-YOU-000070171
  • Start and end of activities: June 2022, August 2022
  • E-mail address:


The project aims at promoting as well as providing non-formal learning opportunities for DHH youth workers working with DHH young individuals associated in deaf youth associations. It offers an educational as well as social and civic engagement opportunity for them to learn, discuss and cooperate across Europe. This opportunity is the International Summer School in Telč in 2022

Participating youth workers will 

  • be engaged in a summer school programme that is focused on discussing as well as putting into practice efficient foreign language strategies, and invite them to think about their learning preferences and use them to their benefit;
  • meet other youth workers from different European countries and have a chance to discuss their daily work in their respective associations;
  • motivate their association member to look for international mobilities as a way to self-develop and to gain confidence and new skills;
  • develop interpersonal and intercultural skills;
  • strengthen their experience in managing international projects that can be used in future projects.

Realization team


Masaryk University (MU)


European Union of the Deaf Youth – EUDY
EUDY is a European non-profit making organisation whose membership comprises national associations of deaf young people in Europe. EUDY endeavours to foster the personal development of young deaf persons with a sign language in Europe and to further mutual understanding to advance and protect the rights of and opportunities for young deaf Europeans. EUDY’s vision is for a Europe where all young deaf people are able to come together and share their experiences across cultures and boundaries, so they can enjoy their rights on an equal basis with others.

Slovak Association of Deaf Youth Clubs (SAKMN)Slovak Association of Deaf Youth Clubs (referred to under the Slovak abbreviation SAKMN) deals with various activities for deaf children and young Deaf people, it develops educational programmes and activities, supports and addresses the community of Deaf people in Slovakia, solves problems of the deaf in their daily lives and removes communication barriers. As part of its work SAKMN organises lectures for the community of the deaf under the umbrella title “Youth World”. Its members also participate in various deaf-led international activities at home and abroad. The main goal of SAKMN is to preserve and develop the culture of deaf individuals and raise their education levels. SAKMN represents and protects the rights and interests of deaf youth throughout Slovakia.

Czech Deaf Youth (CDY)
The aim of Czech Deaf Youth (CDY) is to associate deaf children and young people under the age of 35 and provide them with opportunities to engage in educational and culturally enriching experiences. Established in 2010, CDY is the only non-profit organization in the Czech Republic that focuses on leisure activities for deaf and hard of hearing children and young people and it mediates contact with their peers from different parts of the country. CDY cooperates with European and non-European organizations for deaf youth such as WFDYS (World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section) and is a member of EUDY (European Union of the Deaf Youth) as well as ASNEP(Association of Organisations of the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and their Friends; referred to under the Czech abbreviation ASNEP), registered association that unites deaf and hard of hearing persons from the Czech Republic.  

Association of Hard of Hearing People and Cochlear Implant Users (SUITA)SUITA is a Polish NGO which was established in 2017. The association is made up of people full of enthusiasm and faith that it is possible and worth changing the world. It represents the interests of people with hearing loss, including those who use cochlear implants (CI) and hearing aids (HA). The aim of the association is to change and deepen social awareness in the perception of people with hearing loss and to integrate the hearing and hard of hearing communities. It promotes verbal communication among users of HA and CI, as well as promotes methods and techniques used to improve their quality of life. SUITA achieves its goals by developing and promoting initiatives, attitudes and activities that foster the integration of people with hearing loss, to prepare them for family and society life by acquiring practical skills, enabling them to prosper in society.