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1. Press release to the opening of the project 

PDF format (czech only)

2. Videoconference on 13 November 2016 

13. 11. 2015

The videoconference allowed the members of the two research teams to make personal acquaintance, to introduce both workplaces, their basic tasks and their positions within the structure of their respective schools and, more generally, within the educational system in the country. The second part of the meeting served to discuss the topics and programme of the planned visit of the Czech team to Oslo. The meeting was held in English and interpreted in Czech sign language. 

3. Visit of the Czech team to Hogskolen i Oslo og Akershus in December 2015

30. 11.–4. 12. 2015

Visited institutions:

  • Faculty of International Studies and Interpretation at the University College of Applied Sciences in Oslo and Akershus (Hogskolen i Oslo og Akershus, Fakultet for lararutdanning og internasjonale studier og tolkeutdanning), with its department providing for training of Norwegian Sign Language interpreters
  • Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (Ny Arbeids- og Velferdsforvaltning – NAV) namely its section dispatching Norwegian sign language interpreters

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