Project activities

After a thorough preparation through exchange of documents available and video-meetings, a group of deaf and hearing researchers (plus interpreters) will get an opportunity to visit the Department for Special Education Technology of the Statped in Heimdal, well known for its production of various learning tools in the Norwegian sign language.

During that stay, Czech signers will present the products of Teiresias Centre, especially the Hybrid Book. Both teams will systematically assess the existing documents, the format and technological features behind them to initiate a discussion on guidelines for such production.

Following the onsite stay in Heimdal, another exchange of documents available and video-meetings will be organized to draw conclusions concerning the accessibility of usability of such products. The discussion will be concluded by a visit of a Norwegian group of deaf and hearing researchers (plus interpreter) to Masaryk University – Teiresias Centre in Brno. The output of this second visit, possibly combined with a national or international workshop for Czech and neighbouring deaf community, will be guidelines for desktop publishing of learning materials in sign languages.

A series of activities aiming to promote the project and its outputs will be carried out, including communication – press conference, meeting with stakeholders and journalists; publication of information in printed and digital media; translation and interpretation in order to reach relevant target groups (Czech, English, Czech Sign language, Norwegian Sign language, speech-to-text reporting).


Supported by a grant from the Bilateral Scholarship Programme of Norway Grants and EEA Grants

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