4. 5. 2023

Ladies and gentlemen,

we would like to inform you about the changes in study room reservations during the exam period. As of May 15 2023, the following changes will be in effect:

  1. In the examination period (May 15 – June 30 2023), only the following study rooms are available for self-study: 108, 109, 110, 115, 118 (study rooms 105, 106, 107, 114, 117 are reserved for test administration). 
  2. It will no longer be possible to reserve an entire study room for self-study, but only a workplace in a study room (valid for study rooms 108, 109, 110, 115, 118). You can find more information about individual workplaces below. Reservations are still made in the same way via the Timetable app, where you select a specific workplace after logging in. Reservation of all workplaces in a study room by one student is not allowed. If you need a study room for a group study, please contact your student counsellor

The option to reserve only a single workplace will be enabled on Friday May 12. Kindly move your already made reservations for entire study rooms (these reservations will not be visible to others). On Monday May 15 your reservations in study rooms pre-reserved for tests will be deleted (except for evening and weekend reservations).

At the same time, we remind you of the basic rules for the use of the study rooms of the Teiresias Centre and ask you to respect them. Repeated violations of these rules may lead to blocking your access to the study rooms.

Overview of workplaces in study rooms 

study room 108 

  • 4 workplaces at separate desks
  • suitable for individuals 

study room 109 

  • 2 workplaces next to each other at a long desk 
  • suitable for individuals 

study room 110 

  • 2 workplaces at separate desks 
  • 2 persons can study together (i.e. 2 + 2 persons in total) 

study room 115 

  • 2 workplaces next to each other 
  • suitable for individuals

study room 118 

  • 2 workplaces next to each other 
  • one workplace allows two people to study together (i.e. 3 people in total)