29. 5. 2020

(Last update: 29. 5. 2020)

Emergency measures of the rector: overview of up-to-date measures

  • Starting from May 18 2020 the Rector does not set any restrictions considering people’s presence in buildings of Masaryk University provided that regulations of the Ministry of Health are respected.  These regulations limit the number of people present in a classroom during classes, exams, etc. to 15, any person entering the building also needs to have signed the Declaration of the absence of Covid-19 symptoms (electronically in the Information System).
  • The teaching process incl. the use of distance teaching and the Schedule of Academic Year at Masaryk University etc. follow the Special Study Rules in the Spring Semester 2020.
  • The distance form is recommended for all exams. The presence form of exams is recommended only when the distance form is not realistic.

According to the statement of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic students can enter the Czech territory in these modes:

  • Any student with a negative test (this is valid both for current and new students) can enter the Czech Republic. Confirmation of Studies that can be printed from the IS is used when entering the Czech territory.
  • A student from Austria and Slovakia without a negative test uses the Confirmation for Cross-border Students which they print in the IS. The student can undertake the test in the Czech Republic or must register at the regional hygiene office and is ordered a 14 days quarantine.
  • Any student or applicant can enter the Czech Republic for up to 24 hours in order to take an exam or the entrance exam. In order to enter the Czech territory the student needs to have the confirmation of the exam (the student will print this in the IS), the applicant needs to have the invitation for the entrance exam TSP.

Academic ceremonies

  • It is recommended to cancel graduation ceremonies until August 31 2020. Bachelor’s and Master’s graduation ceremonies are going to take place in the period from October to December, Doctoral ceremonies are going to begin in September.
  • Matriculation of newly admitted students is cancelled in the semester autumn 2020.

Domestic and international business travels can be held. The responsibility of the supervisor who is sending the employee is to consider the necessity of the travel, technical options of realization of the travel (considering the situation in target countries) and to consider possible risks with respect to the possibly fast chance of the restrictions in the target country or in the Czech Republic which might result in the need of repatriation etc.

Please check the website https://www.muni.cz/en/coronavirus where the information is kept up-to-date.