Changes in the operation of Teiresias Centre

We would like to inform you about changes in the operation of Teiresias Centre. These changes, which follow the Rector’s emergency measure to coronavirus spread issued on 11 March 2020, are valid from 12 March to 13 April 2020. Note that the situation may continue to change, we will notify you in such a case.

Operation of individual sections of the Teiresias Centre

  • The operation of the Studies Section will be limited – not all counsellors will be always present. If you want any kind of consultation, agree on the consultation in advance. Please note that all consultations need to be done on-line (e-mail, Skype, Hangouts etc.). This is valid also for consultations with our psychologists.
  • The Teiresias Library, which provides digitalization of study materials for students who use assistive technology, is fully operational. Usual preparation and distribution of study materials is in the process. If you need other materials apart from those you have already agreed on please contact us as usually (via e-mail).
  • The operation of the Visual Communication Section is limited in a similar way to the Studies Section. However, there will always be present a sign language interpreter and a speech-to-text transcriptionist, so you can contact our section on-line and communicate with the Teiresias Centre via the dispatching.
  • The Administration Section and IT Section are fully operational and can be contacted via email or phone.

Individual teaching in Teiresias Centre

All contact teaching including individual teaching in Teiresias Centre is cancelled. Now we are preparing conditions to turn the learning activities into online or distance learning form. Your tutors will contact you and discuss with you the form of your lessons.

Teaching at the faculty

Information for the students:

Please let us know as soon as possible if the changes of teaching at faculties cause the teaching to be inaccessible for you or if you find participation in the learning process difficult for other reasons connected with your difficulties. We could contact your teachers in time and agree with them on necessary adjustments.

Information for the teachers:

We would like to offer you a consultation if you are planning to use these alternative forms of teaching and are not sure whether they are accessible to students with special needs who are enrolled in your courses. 
If you are interested in a consultation contact us via email or via phone 549 49 1105.

Access to study rooms

Information for the students:

The Rector has forbidden students to access buildings of MU, so at the moment our rooms cannot be used even as study rooms.

Information for the teachers:

For now you can use both our rooms and technology for distance teaching if you do not have suitable facilities at home.

Electronic sources accessibility

On-line electronic sources administered by the Teiresias Centre (The University Library for Students with Special Needs) continue to be accessible in the standard way for registered users with special needs (e.g. for students with visual or mobility impairment). 

Visit or Portal of electronic information resources to see the overview description of access to other digital information sources of Masaryk University.

Crisis intervention

For students under Teiresias Centre administration

  • Psychologists and psychotherapists (Skype and phone consultations)
  • Contacts: or individually:
    • Mgr. Martin Murgaš –
    • Mgr. Iva Oulehlová –, phone number 773 752 738
    • Mgr. Tereza Rossmannová –
    • Mgr. Miroslav Zítko –, phone number 549 49 1117

For all students



For students with mobility impairments

If you need personal assistance, contact colleagues from the Physical Accessibility Section

For students with visual impairments

If you urgently need personal assistance (e.g. somebody to accompany you on your errands) in Brno you can contact our spatial instructors coordinator (P. Červenka) or use the services of Tyflocentrum. If you need technological consultations you can use services of the Teiresias Centre Special ICT Section or regional workplaces of Tyflocentrum and Tyfloservis

For students with a chronic somatic disease 

If you need help with necessary errands that you are currently unable to manage yourselves you can contact volunteers from MU Crisis Operations Centre (

Contact us

Contacts to individual employees of the Teiresias Centre are listed on our website in section Staff.