Digital text publications

  • Digital publications form more than 80 % of the library resources, mainly in the form of electronic texts accessible online; all of the texts have been worked on by the Teiresias Centre staff.
  • They are primarily designed for users with visual impairments (either users of audio/tactile output, or those who work with variously adjusted images), then also for other students who are prohibited by their health impairment to work with standard formats (students with impaired fine motor skills etc.)
  • The form and the format of the digital text publications are designed for the target group – they are documents:
    • without graphically demonstrated information – graphics are replaced either by text or tactile print (more about tactile graphics here)
    • formally, or, in necessary cases, content-adapted so that they fulfil the conditions of accessibility, and facilitate work with standard assistive technologies
      o with minimum functional formatting (automatically styled headings, hypertext content etc.), and with simple navigation
    • in a text format (with regard to most users’ habits, they are formats native to MS Word)
  • They are part of the digital component of the University Library for Students with Special Needs, and thus are archived in a secure repository and only accessible with authorization.
  • Their acquisition, archiving and propagation is entirely in accordance with the Law No. 121/2000 Coll. (Czech only), on copyright and the rights related to it (§ 38 Licence for the health impaired).