About ICCHP Summer University

The ICCHP Summer University is an event organized for high school and university students with visual impairment, their teachers and experts working in the field of development of assistive technologies and methodologies. The target group are participants interested in mathematics, informatics and/or statistics and in assistive technologies enabling visually impaired persons to work in these fields. On a yearly basis this event enables the students to meet instructors and experts from different countries and learn new things about the latest technologies. Vice versa this interaction helps the developers to enhance their products and the teachers to improve their teaching methods.

Who is the Summer University for?

All those who are interested primarily in mathematics, statistics and other technically oriented scientific fields are welcome, such as high school and university students, teachers of mathematics and related subjects, counsellors providing support for teachers of mathematics at high schools and universities, representatives of departments preparing study materials for students with visual impairment, and experts on assistive technologies facilitating access to mathematical documents, as well as developers of such technologies.


It is the aim of the organisers to improve the general awareness of accessibility of mathematical, statistical and other documents with an extensive use of symbolical notation for persons with health impairment by the means of presenting available technological tools for work with these data, research support and comparison of teaching methods. The participants will have an opportunity to choose from two types of workshops:
  • workshops focused on specific technologies or applications,
  • and workshops which will be "issue-oriented", where a specific issue or classroom situation will be presented and lecturers will present their solutions.
The participants will have an opportunity to choose from these topics:
  • Work with mathematical symbols in various applications (e.g. ChattyInfty, Lambda, LaTeX, LiTeX)
  • Statistical data processing with various applications (e.g. R, Stata)
  • Work with tactile graphics and its creation (e.g. using the tool Tiger Suite)
  • Recognition of visual documents containing mathematical symbols and their conversion to editable and readable formats (e.g. using the application Infty Reader)
  • Didactics and teaching methodology of mathematics and statistics for persons with visual impairment
You can find more detailed information about the workshops at the ICCHP Summer University web page. 


Teiresiás, the Support Centre for Students with Special Needs, Masaryk University
Address: Komenského nám. 2, 602 00 Brno
Telephone: +420 549 49 1105
E-mail: teiresias@muni.cz
Contact persons: Lukáš Másilko, Svatoslav Ondra
Web page: www.icchp-su.net