If you wish to use the Daleth Library Gateway not only for searches in the catalogues but also to directly download digital contents, you need to register.

The preparation of the digital contents offered by most of the libraries involved strictly follows Act No. 121/2000 on Copyright and Rights Related to Copyright, article 38 Licence for Disabled. Consequently, the contents are only available to users whose sensory or physical disability prevents them from using standard materials.

For this reason, registration is required for direct access to the digital versions; you need to register for each library separately (we apologize for the inconvenience; we are working on the possibility of global registration). As the registration conditions may vary slightly depending on the library, we recommend you inquire for details directly with the operator of the particular library (see links in chapter Participating libraries). In general, though, the obligatory documents always include a committee declaration of the type and degree of disability and a statutory declaration whereby the user promises not to distribute copies of the downloaded contents.