Tlumočení znakového jazyka online

Sign Interpreting Online while internal and individual meetings
To provide sign language interpreting for all meetings between hearing and deaf colleagues and students we offer a service to contact our interpreters while they are not teaching or interpreting in lessons at any place and use there services to have a communication in the native languages of participants of individual meetings.

Sign Interpreting Online while larger meetings, presentations and conferences
A passive or just partial bidirectional interpreting in a larger group of hearing people. The interpreter mainly is used to interpret the spoken language into the sign language while the deaf person is observing the presentation. Also the vise reverse is possible to interpret the signing presenter into spoken language to make it possible for hearing participants to follow the presentation of a deaf presenter.
An example here is the presentation of Teiresias Centre and its services for students with disabilities at medical fair October 2009.

Sign Interpreting Online while lessons and seminars
Deaf students have the possibility to follow the lesson or seminar in sign language interpreted by an interpreter connected via internet. Teachers, students and interpreter are prepared on applying special methods to there lesson in order to make the interpreting most efficient.
As an example we would like to present "Základy odborného stylu", a lesson hold by PhDr. Petr Peňáz.