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Adaptation of Mathematical ALGorithms




Position of the menu

Menu can be positioned on the left or on the top. Menu on the left side is recommended for large monitors with resolution width higher than 1600px (maximum text width is 1000px). Menu on the top is recommended for mobile devices to prevent scrolling to right (only top-bottom scrolling is required).

Floating menu

If menu is always displayed on the screen, scrolling will not affect the position of menu. This choice is recommended for large monitors, which can display the whole menu and there is space for the own content. Menu with the fixed position will be displayed only on the beginning of the text.

Set how images will be displayed.

The choice has impact on all animations and some other examples.

Use web colors

If you are using contrast colors in your browser, you can turn off web colors by selecting "no color". Only colors of frames will be defined by the web.

How the mathematics will be displayed

We recommend to use MathJax, but feel free to experiment with other choices when available.

Display the second text label for animation describing a current state of animation?

Each animation consists of an image, the first text label describing changes from the previous step of the animation, and the second text label describing the current image. If you do not need to see the second text label, you can turn it off by setting "Hidden".