Class timetable

The courses  have the form of lectures, seminars, tutorials or individual tuition. The timetable can be found before the start of each semester in the Personal Administration of the Information System MU: in Timetable go to My Timetable. The timetable of lectures is fixed, but you will have to register for seminars and tutorials (i.e. choose a time). This is done via the Information System (Student – Seminar Groups).

The timetable is always published prior to the start of registration of seminar groups. As students with specific needs, you have the possibility of priority enrollment into your chosen seminar group – you merely need to contact the Students' Office of the Centre, and submit a list of seminars for the courses you wish to take.

Lectures and seminars too difficult to follow along with other students will be replaced by individual tuition. Individual tuition takes place in the Teiresias Centre, its timetable is usually different to that of standard classes, and it is filed as a special seminar, whose group only includes students with special needs who participate in individual tuition.